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Simulated Stone Fence On Sale Now! 

WOW,  possibly the most beautiful privacy fence ever made!  Heavy duty commercial grade simulated stone vinyl fence at a fraction of the cost of a traditional masonry wall. Go Green with EcoStone, our Eco Friendly fence!  Approved for commercial fence projects that require Green building materials. The beauty, look and feel of a natural stone fence. Our simulated stone fence panels are perfect for commercial fence or residential fence applications.  Faux stone fence panels are shipped factory direct!  Posts are foam filled with steel, plus twice as thick.  We ship this fence all pre-built, simply install your post and attach our fence.  This is our easiest fence to install plus the strongest fence manufactured.  Approved for commercial noise reduction fence & sound barrier fence. Save money buy factory direct simulated stone fence panels. Fast ship, 24/7 A+ Customer Service. Choose from 6 different granite fence colors  View below our 12 foot tall privacy fence and 16 foot tall privacy fence below! Contact us 24/7 for a free no obligation quote. Matching Simulated Stone Gates- Choose Any Color!.


This is probably the most beautiful manufactured privacy fence you'll ever see.

Easy installation- Shipped Pre-Built!

Galvanized steel reinforced for superior strength and stability

Thermally stable for all weather extremes

Lifetime warranty

Graffiti Resistant

Sound barrier/ Sound Wall Approved

Wind Certified 130 MPH

Matching Pre-Built Gates

Super Fast Ship! Avail 24/7

Six natural granite colors

Maintenance free and U.V. stabilized

Lifetime warranty


On Sale!  Order this Month and Save!

*Section Includes Matching Post and Cap* Choose Any Color! Black Granite, Brown Granite, Gray Granite, White Granite, Beige Granite, Desert Granite.  All Shipped Pre-built! Simply Put post in ground and attach simulated stone fence panel! It is as easy as that. Scroll down to view simulated stone installation instructions.  Call or email us 24/7 A free quote!  [ Click Here ]


3' Tall x 72" Wide = Sale $187 Per Section -  Reg. $243  Savings of 30%

4' Tall x 96" Wide = Sale $249 Per Section -  Reg. $298  Savings of 20%

6' Tall x 72" Wide = Sale $249 Per Section -  Reg. $298  Savings of 20%

8' Tall x 96" Wide = Sale $498 Per Section -  Reg. $597  Savings of 20%

All sections Include Matching  5" x 5" x 102"- 144" Post plus Cap


Extra Tall Simulated Stone Fence on Sale Now!

Perfect for Commercial fence projects or wherever extra tall fence is needed!  12 Foot Tall privacy fence is perfect for DOT and commercial fence projects.  Call or email us 24/7 for a free quote!  [ Click Here ]


*Extra Tall is not just simply stacking one panel on top of the other nor is the price calculated this way.  *All Extra tall sections require Custom Manufactured 5" x 5" Steel H Beams  for the posts encased by our matching Simulated Stone.  Additional Custom Manufactured Mid Rails may be required depending on the height.   Each project is unique so please contact us for an accurate price quote.  


 9' Tall x 72" Wide =  Contact us for a quote 

12' Tall x 72" Wide = Contact us for a quote

16' Tall x 96" Wide = Contact us for a quote

18' Tall x 72" Wide = Contact us for a quote


Please contact us for a quote!


Matching Simulated Stone Gates for All Colors 

All Gates are Shipped Pre-Built and include all Heavy Duty Gate Hardware including Hinges, Latch, and Drop Rod for Double Gates.

Simulated Stone Gate Sizes. 

48" Wide & 72" Wide

Double Gates up to 144" Wide

Custom Gate Sizes are available upon request.

Request a Quote for your Project!  Contact us 24/7 for a free quote!

[ Click Here ]

   Click images to zoom in and see more of our beautiful simulated stone fence:

Extra Tall Simulated Stone Fence On Sale Now!  Simulated stone privacy fence 9 Foot Tall, 12 Foot Tall and 16 Foot tall. Call 24/7 for a free factory direct quote! Perfect for highway fence and commercial sound wall and barrier fence.  All extra tall privacy fencing is approved for DOT use nationwide!   Factory Direct -  Call  507-206-4154 - 24/7 A+ Customer Service.  

   Click images above to zoom in and see more of our beautiful simulated stone fence:


Click below to view our product specs for our Simulated Stone Fence

Click below to view our installation instruction for our Simulated Stone Fence

You can also download the complete Simulated Stone Fence installation instructions in PDF Format [ Click Here ]

It fits perfectly in the presence of a classic temple or as a beautiful backdrop for the peace and serenity of your own backyard. With six granite-look colors to choose from, it challenges the observer to touch and feel the rock like structure for authenticity. It is incredibly strong and impervious to weathering or fading, just like the granite it represents. SimTek Fence Factory Direct! Save money buy SimTek Fencing factory direct. Fast ship, 24/7 A+ Customer Service.  Never before has there been a more beautiful fence for such an affordable price of $27.50 (3 ft. high) to $39.95 (6 ft. high) per linear ft. includes post and cap!

Matching Gates for all Fence heights. Single gates and Double Gates! Wind Certified to 102 MPH with wind gusts to 130 MPH! Fast Nationwide Shipping direct from Factory to your project site!  For Commercial Fence projects from McDonalds to Harley Davidson to Corporate America, to backyards fence throughout USA . This fence is now being used for residential and is taking the fencing industry by storm as there is no other product available like it.  Your pricing is factory direct wholesale pricing. Stone Fence Factory Direct! Save money buy Stone Fencing factory direct. Fast ship, 24/7 A+ Customer Service. Our Distributors Nationally are marking our fence up approx 30% for retail and this still is a great value since the cost of traditional masonry is 40%-50% above retail.   This is a very unique fence for commercial fence projects from HOA projects for Apartments, Condos, commercial fence to residential fence for your front or backyard. You can hit a golf ball at it with a driver as hard as you can hit, and the golf ball will bounce off.  Tested with a MLB Pitcher where he threw his fast ball and couldn't even dent our SimTek EcoStone fencing!  It is also graffiti proof, where you can spray on paint and then wash it off with a power washer.  Our new height of 8' is now available and approved for use in commercial fence applications for a Sound Barrier Wall. Complete installation support, videos, written and phone!  Call or email us for a quote today!   

We know each fence project is unique.  You can estimate your fence cost based on the pricing above.  For a detailed quote including shipping, simply email or call us with your job specifics.  We can quote your fence project right over the phone or by email.  We ship direct from factory to your project site.  Typical manufacturing time is 3-5 days and shipping time varies depending on your location.  East Coast is typical 5 days where West Coast is typical 3 days.  We are available 7 days per week to assist with your project! Our Simulated stone fence is the easiest fence to install since we ship this all pre-built.  We provide complete installation support, before during and after your fence arrives. Including installation videos, detailed written installation instructions plus 7 day per week free telephone installation support with each order.   This is the service that sets us apart from our competition. We believe our job is to make sure that everyone that needs assistance for their fence or deck has a place to call to get questions answered 24 hours per day.  Where as many start up fence companies, and vinyl fence companies may only be interested in making a quick sale, we build customers for life that can always count on us.  We have been doing this for over 15 years and every fence project is just as important as our first one we ever sold!


Easy installation and a manufacturer's lifetime warranty make this investment in your property one of the wisest and most rewarding you'll ever make. The galvanized steel substructure and unique product engineering make for an easy installation and a lifetime of superior look and performance.

These privacy fence sections dramatically transform your space from the ordinary to the spectacular.

This is likely the greatest visual impact you could add to your property per dollar invested and will clearly draw praise and curiosity from the entire neighborhood. Instead of just another privacy fence you can enhance your environment for a very few dollars more and enjoy it for a lifetime, so why not reward yourself and your family with the most beautiful fence available today.


Our Simulated Stone Fence has reinvented fence manufacturing with its patented design of rotationally-molded fencing allowing realistic stone appearance and superior performance. What makes Simulated Stone Fence unique?

Patented Construction
Made with proprietary Linear Low Density Polyethylene Plastic (LLDPE) and is reinforced with galvanized steel.
Wind Superior Wind Rating
Can withstand constant hurricane force winds up to 110 mph and 130 mph gusts. Certified to Dade County, Florida hurricane requirements. Contact us For more information,
Speaker Excellent Sound Barrier
Blocks 98% of direct sound with a sound transmission class (STC) rating of 26. Contact us For more information
Thermometer Durable in Temperature Extremes
Very stable in temperature extremes. Withstands tests at -40 to 140 F.
UV12 Fade Resistant
Contains Xenon-Arc 12 UV inhibitors for a lifetime of vibrant colors.
Color Palette Color Options
Six designer granite colors: Brown, Beige, Grey, Black, Desert and White.
Shovel Easy Installation
The most user-friendly fence on the market. For full installation instructions and support with each order.
Recycle Greener Solution
We care about our environment. Our Simulated Stone Fence system is made with recycled and recyclable polyethylene plastic.
Paint Can Graffiti Resistant
Easily remove graffiti using a high-powered pressure washer.
Secure Family Solid Privacy and Security
Simulated Stone provides exceptional privacy and security for you and your family.
Medal Lifetime Warranty
A maintenance-free solution. Our patented fence will never need painting or staining; nor will it warp, fade or crack.
Dollar Cost Effective Solution
Enhance your surroundings with our revolutionary "rock-look" Simulated Stone Fencing.
USA Made in the USA
Proudly made in the United States.


Request a Quote for your Project!

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