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  • Building Our Dream Deck

    I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I want the things I have and buy to be of considerable value. In my household, we find out quickly whether or not something can pull its weight, since I have three boys running around, getting into scrapes, making a huge mess everywhere they go and being rough […]

  • Vinyl Fencing was the Best Choice for Me

    I’m lucky enough to live in a nice neighborhood in a small town, close enough to the big city that it’s just a half hour drive to all kinds of cultural events, but far enough away that we can see the stars at night. It’s just a safe, happy community where everyone knows everyone, and […]

  • A Deck for Every Season

    Designing a deck can be a very personal endeavor.  I have helped hundreds of residential customers bring their “dream decks” step-by-step into reality. I can also state with absolute confidence that there is something to be said for calling in the experts when you are working towards a deck design you will enjoy and be […]