Vinyl Screen Styles for Shade

Do you prefer to have a little shade in your compound for sun protection and privacy? Vinyl screens provide excellent shade and they come in a variety of styles to go with your property. Here are the most popular choices for homeowners today:

Lattice screens

Lattice screens go great with pergolas and other open space structures because they allow sunlight in while still maintaining privacy and shade. In addition, they come in different designs, allowing you to pick one that blends well with your outdoor color and d├ęcor.

What are the benefits of lattice screens?

  • They let in a good amount of breeze to come through the shade structure. This is good for when you need some fresh air.
  • Aside from air, the structure also gets enough natural light, making it a comfortable place to rest in a hot afternoon.
  • To enhance natural beauty and visual appeal, you can grow vines or climbing plants inside the structure. You can use them to conceal larger portions of the structure.

Louvered panels

For individuals who prefer a little more privacy, louvered panels offer more concealment than lattices. Do you need a cool, outdoorsy hiding spot, like a cabana? You can create an amazing beach-like atmosphere on your shade structure with louvered panels.

What are the benefits of louvered panels?

  • The open structure lets air in, preventing stuffiness.
  • To minimize the amount of sunlight getting into the structure, a slanted design offers most protection.
  • You can store furniture and other items inside the structure because it is shielded from rain, wind, and direct sunlight.

Vinyl panels

For the person who wants maximum protection from the sun on their shade structure, a high fence may not be enough to block the wind. Your shade structure can get more insulation with a vinyl wall. If the structure is clearly visible from outside your compound due to a low fence, vinyl panels provide much needed shade and privacy.

What are the benefits of vinyl walls?

  • When compared to louvered panels and lattices, they provide the best protection from the sun and consequently, they create the most private structure.
  • They do not require maintenance and are durable.
  • Vinyl walls keep your family and friends safe from the harsh rays of the sun.