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Purchase factory direct and save money on the very best vinyl picket fence manufactured today. All of our heavy duty vinyl picket fencing is shipped fast to your project site as most orders are on the road within 3-4 business days. Perfect for your front yard, backyard, or commercial fence project. Our vinyl picket fencing requires no maintenance and will last a lifetime. You will never have to paint your white picket fence again. As a result, our vinyl picket fence panels add actual value to your property as they are backed by our industry leading transferable lifetime warranty. Each vinyl picket fence style below is Available in 4 color choices, traditional White Picket Fence, Tan Picket Fence, Clay Picket Fencing and color combo. View our large selection of picket fence panels below. Simply click on a picture below to view details and pricing.

Easy to install as our panels do not use brackets, wood or screws. The top and bottom horizontal rails are “notched” and lock into our pre-routed posts. And each picket is individually notched and locks into our heavy duty horizontal rails. The bottom rail includes an aluminum ‘U” channel for commercial strength. Assembly is fast and simple. We also provide installation support 24/7. View our vinyl picket fence panels below. Simply click the picture for details and pricing. Besides offering the highest quality vinyl fence manufactured today, we are proud to state that all of our products are made here in the USA. We manufacture all of our vinyl picket fencing in Ohio and ship fast worldwide. Contact us 24/7 for a free no obligation quote. We offer A+ customer service and we are always here ready to assist.

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All vinyl picket fence panels are on sale now! Click on picture below for pricing and details.

Why Consider Vinyl Picket Fencing?

One fencing option that often gets overlooked is vinyl. Vinyl fencing is made from plastic, and has lot of benefits over other fencing options that you may not realize. When you’re deciding on what type of picket fencing you want installed in your yard, it is important to take every option into consideration.

Vinyl is tough for a number of reasons. For one, it is more flexible than it is wooden and metal counterparts, and that ability to go with the flow makes it stand up better under pressure from the elements. Instead of being pulled out of the ground by harsh winds and weather, vinyl fencing can sway and bend so that it is left standing when things calm down.

Maintaining a vinyl picket fence is a breeze. It will not rot, or rust, or blister, or serve as an attractive nesting spot for critters and creepy crawlies. All you have to do to keep it looking great is washing it down with water and a rag. You can of course use a cleaning solution if you’d like, but mostly all that is needed is to keep it clean of dirt and debris.

Vinyl is a perfect option for those of us on a budget, which means everyone. Wood and Metal options are simply more expensive. Vinyl can also come in any number of colors and styles, so finding the right product for you is easy without a lot of extra costs. Because it is so durable, you will not have to worry about replacing or repairing it for many many years.

Vinyl is a very easy material to work with, making installation a much simpler process that other types that are heavier and more unwieldy. This makes it easier to install, so there is less of a chance you need to hire someone else to do it for you. What could be better than having your fence up not only faster, but cheaper as well?

A vinyl picket fence has all this to offer, plus the benefit of being able to choose from an almost endless array of options for style and color. What is not to love?

If you would like to learn more about our vinyl picket fencing options or our installation support, contact us online or call us at 507-206-4154.

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