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Please read reviews below to see what our customers have to say about our company!

As a small manufacture and supplier, reviews are very important to our continual growth and success. We started our company in 1993. Our mission today is the exact same as it was 25+ years ago! Provide the very best vinyl fence and deck railing manufactured in USA with competitive pricing and provide the very best five star customer service and support in our industry. Your business is extremely important to us. We are always striving to improve and consider ourselves very fortunate to work with so many incredible customers!

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Alexander Pytlak
Justyn is very responsive and accommodating. Product is incredible. I moved into my home 8 months ago, which came with a vinyl fence. I needed to open up one of the sides to allow passage into the back for tree removal. I decided instead of removing a post and replacing it with the single gate i would just install a double gate. The double gate quality and appearance compared to the previously installed single gate and remaining fence is leaps and bounds beyond. I would recommend these guys to anyone that is looking for a competitively priced product that exceeds the quality of any other in the market!

Ernie Desmarais
Almost 20 years ago I looking to purchase vinyl fencing to enclose my in ground pool, my wife’s garden, and the remainder of my back yard. Based on the price and my comfort level with the sales crew, I made my purchase from A-FENCE.COM, A Vinyl & Deck Wholesaler. The quality of fence I received as well as the customer service was nothing short of excellent!
Since that time the only problems I encountered with the fencing is with a 4 ft. Wide X 7 ft. Tall gate that was coming apart due to wear and tear which is understandable considering it is the gate that see almost all the traffic into the back yard.

I dug out my paperwork, found the website address and typed in A-FENCE.COM and I was automatically directed to a new website and learned that the company had grown in size, number of locations, and a vastly increased number of products. Thinking that because my fencing was so old and that the style may no longer be available, I thought I might encounter problems replacing my gate. I called the customer service number and was informed that gates are not covered by the lifetime warranty but she said she would do some checking and have someone call me back. To my surprise, within a short time that day I got a call back! The gentleman confirmed that the gate was not covered under the warranty and also that they no longer carry that style BUT!!, he said he may be able to get what I need via a custom order and that we could probably reach a satisfactory cost agreement. After supplying them with all the measurements and a couple of picture, we reached an agreement and the order was placed without me even supplying any payment info. Around the time that they placed the order, He called again to make sure everything was going smoothly. I again asked about my payment options and he said he first wanted to make sure that what they are sending meets my needs and to give him a call once the material arrived. Within a week my order arrived and I gave him a call as he had requested. He made me a deal that I couldn´t have thought in my widest of dreams and boy does that gate look GREAT! All I can say is my first experience 20 years ago was great but my latest experience was even greater. The old saying that bigger is NOT always better didn´t have in mind. Their quality products and tremendous customer service is one of the best I have ever dealt with and I would, and will give them the highest recommendation to everyone I know!
Great big thanks, to the team at Vinyl Fence Wholesaler!

Wade Beringer
If you want a privacy fence this is the only manufacturer that I would buy it from! We Installed a 7′ white vinyl privacy fence around our pool in 2014. It has been through several hail storms, 70-80 mph winds countless times and the fence looks like we installed it yesterday. Great product and great customer service!

Lonnie Schell
Fence held up through two hail storms with tennis ball size hail and only broke a few top caps and cracked a top rail, others neighbors fence of different quality was totally destroyed. This fence can withstand Wyoming winds and cold winters, definitely would recommend to anyone.

Eric Martoni
In a time where I feel that customer service is dead. Jim at Vinyl Fence came through (big time) Great company! Great service! I would recommend them to everyone.

Austin Parks
Justyn has always been very responsive and excellent communication skills. We have purchased multiple fencing supplies and will continue to purchase in the future. Thank you!

Doug Warner
I purchased a 6′ fence and installed it about 18 months ago. It still looks brand new! It is an awesome product. Beats any fence you could buy locally. Shipping was smooth, installation straight forward and results –> OUTSTANDING!.. highly recommend.

Richard Reiffer
The quality and service from this company makes it stand out above all of the rest. They are great at communications and customer service in addition to having a fantastic product. I was able to install the product (it does take two people to do it right) and I have had nothing but complements on it since getting it installed. Very flexible offering and I would recommend this product to anyone.

Randy Allen
In May, 2018, Colorado Springs sustained a massive hail storm. While myself, along with all my neighbors had to replace our roofs, I did not have to replace my vinyl fence. As you can see from the attached picture, we had hail damage bigger than golf ball size and the vinyl fence I ordered from Kelly Hanson withstood mother nature. I highly recommend this product.

Angela Brown
I purchased the Rainer Privacy Fence from Vinyl Fence Wholesaler and couldn’t be more pleased. The quality of the product is top notch. The system to put it together is well designed, easy to figure out and easy to install. Together my husband and my dad installed 240 feet of fence, two single gates and a double swing gate in three weekends. We have a slope and had to step about 8 panels, which was no trouble at all for my 2 person DIY team. The gates and gate hardware are deluxe, self closing and contain no metal parts that will rust. They are the best looking part of the whole project. The fence is so easy to clean, spilled and even dried concrete just washes away with a hose. It doesn’t get much easier than that! I worked with Kelly from the Vinyl Fence Wholesaler team, and the service was awesome. Kelly helped to ensure I ordered the correct number of End posts, Line posts and Gate posts for my stepping project. One post arrived damaged, (not structurally, but a big scratch) and Kelly was more than willing to ship me a new one right away. I cannot wait to enjoy my vinyl fence for years and years to come. Thank you Kelly and Vinyl Fence Wholesaler for outstanding service and an awesome product!

Between The Lines
I highly recommend this company! I bought the simulated stone in black granite for my backyard. It looks absolutely beautiful! Perfect as a sound barrier, and for privacy.The customer service was impeccable, they had the answers to all of my questions! My order was received very fast. Installing the fence once I received was as easy as putting together a lego set. Thank you for a great product!

Princess Peach
I bought the Ashland Privacy Fence in Walnut brown. It’s absolutely stunning! I love how real it looks, and how easy the installation process was to follow. So far, it has held up perfectly in the harsh northern snow. Customer service was amazing, as they made sure I understood all parts of the process. I definitely recommend this fence to anyone in need of some privacy!

Paul Sauchelli
We were fortunate enough to purchase our fencing from this excellent company 5 years ago. Outstanding quality, looks great and it has weathered every storm like a champ. This past week we had a big wind/snow storm which took down my neighbors very large evergreen. It falling on our fence. The fence did quite well with this immense tree hitting it, the damage was contained within only one section. Here is the best part of this organization, I wrote to the president today inquiring about the parts I need to make the repairs. He writes back almost immediately and the parts will be on the way this week. Now that is SERVICE.

Elisabeth Wright
I was highly impressed with the quality of fence and service I received. I purchased the white Bel Air pool fence for our swimming pool last summer in June. As my home is located in the Florida Keys, I wanted to make sure the fence I bought would hold up during our hurricane season. I am so happy I did my homework! It’s like I had a crystal ball. When Irma came through our fence held up perfectly! My neighbors wood fence was completely destroyed. I was also lucky that my home held up fine, only damage was a palm tree that feel down. I consider myself very lucky as to the devastation in our area was considerable. I cannot say enough about how great it was to work with this company. They have a great web site and most importantly their fence and service is amazing. They actually took the time to help my handyman on the installation to make sure it was done correctly. They shipped very fast, as I ordered on June 2nd 2017 and received my order on June 8th. I will be ordering again as my rental in Tampa needs a new privacy fence. I will be calling to order a new privacy fence by June 1st.

Richard Squier
I’ve used this company 2 times. Both were great experiences. I ordered a fence first followed later by a porch railing. My inquires were responded to usually within a couple of hours. The products I received were high quality and complete. Definitely would recommend this company.

Todd D’Angelo
VERY high quality product with GREAT customer service. We had to match an old fence and they did it perfectly. Stop looking and call them. You won’t be sorry.

Rachael Frank
We purchased 40 sections of 6′ Rainier grey and 10 sections of 6′ Vicksburg grey and white fence from Vinyl Fence Wholesaler/Texas Privacy Fence a few years ago. The fence was installed as directed to withstand 130 mph winds. A month and a half ago Harvey blew through town with the eye wall passing directly over our home. Sustained winds of 163 mph were recorded with gusts exceeding 200 mph. The only damage came from two forty foot tall palms which were blown down and landed on one section of the Rainier portion. The fallen trees drove down through the top rail and drove four staves four foot into the ground. I had a spare top beam and extra staves in the garage and was able to repair the section in twenty minutes. The wind was accompanied by a tidal surge that by the time it reached our home was down to approximately three and a half feet high. This knocked over out AC which fell against one of the two gates that close over the driveway. This broke one of the gates loose, which was then caught by the winds and was damaged. Replacement parts were received within two days of requesting them. I don’t think you can find a better fence. The piles of fence parts pushed as rubble to the street for pickup would seem to bear me out.

Ben Carnahan
I definitely recommend Vinyl Fence Wholesaler! They have great customer service, answered all my questions and were completely professional. I have always been happy with their products and services!

Michael T.
An ugly wood fence was originally installed for all the homes in our development four years ago. We bought our home in 2016 and knew that we would have to change this as it was the first thing you noticed when your rolled up. We had a beautiful home with an ugly grayish warping wood fence. I do not understand how a contractor can build such beautiful homes and then wrap it with wood fence! If they would have spent a little more I would not have had to replace my fence! Some contractors are really stupid. Our house has beautiful lifetime siding so why would they install a wood fence? They could have charged more for the new homes when they built them if they would have put up a beautiful vinyl fence.

So we called up vinyl fence wholesaler. I have to say I was very surprised as I was immediately connected with a fence expert that was very kind and helpful. You know when you go to a big box store, and you have to find someone to help and they know nothing about the product they sell. Well it was the complete opposite with Vinyl Fence Wholesaler. They asked for the details on our project and then took the time to walk through the layout. They suggested some fence styles and asked me to go through their web site to pick out the style that we liked best. They were extremely helpful and patient with us as we knew we wanted a privacy fence, however did not know which one. They told us to fill out a quote request online or to call back. We picked the Tan Rainier privacy fence. To make a long story shorter.. we placed our order and we received it 4 days later! Our sales rep worked with our handyman as support for the installation. Now we have the most beautiful fence in our neighborhood and we are telling all of our neighbors to contact this company.

I can tell you first hand the fence is a giant leap up over the low grade junk you can get from my local retail stores. Our new fence is wind certified up to 130 mph and added actual value to our home. Our fence also has a transferable lifetime warranty. How cool is that?! So if ever we decide to sell our home the warranty transfers to the next home owner. I highly recommend this company as they were a true pleasure to work with. In this day and age great customer service is almost impossible to find. Just call Charter and you will know what I mean. Thank you Vinyl Fence Wholesaler!! We have passed your info on to all of our neighborhood!

Kristine Heckler
My new fence looks great. It was an absolute pleasure working with this company and I definitely work with them again in the future.

Amy Rutley
Our company began using Vinyl Fence Wholesalers Heavy Duty Seneca fencing at our Outer Banks NC. projects 2 years ago and couldn’t be more impressed with the results! We installed this fencing just weeks before a very serious hurricane Matthew struck the OBX. Once the hurricane passed, we were quite pleased to see our vinyl fence came through the storm looking untouched…while wooden pool and privacy fences were flattened all over the island! Our competitors are re-thinking the wooden fence and looking at vinyl…so should anyone who wants a great looking long lasting product! We are scheduling additional fencing to be installed on a job in the OBX this coming month. Way to go Vinyl Fence Wholesalers!

Travis Reynolds
Great Service and the product turned out even better than I expected.

Dylan Boor
Last summer Vinyl Fence Wholesaler sold us the fencing for our pool at a very competitive price. Dealing with them was a great experience from start to finish!

Joe Eickholt
Great customer service and a superior product to anything else out there!!!

Stephanie Bisanz
Very happy with the results. I highly recommend Vinyl Fence!

Travis Weed
Great group to work with. Excellent!

Gerry G.
Jim was very helpful though the entire purchase of the stone look fencing material. Initially I was apprehensive about purchasing my fence material from a company out of country, however after speaking with Jim about the ordering process my concerns were all put to ease. From ensuring I had enough material to mailing samples, Jim was very helpful and patient. Once the order was placed, Jim advised the product would be delivered in about a week. When it arrived in 3 days I was amazed! The company was a pleasure to do business with, and I would definitely recommend other to consider their products!

Gerald Mitchell & Lois Fanning
I am finally sending you some pictures of my finished project. When the 2300+ feet of fence arrived I was very impressed with the quality of the product. I am 61 years old and my Mother-In-Law will be 81 years old in September. She and I installed all of this fence. It was time consuming but not hard. If she and I can do it, any one can do it. Here in the Texas heat, we had to get up early and stop before the heat of the day but we got it done. All of our surrounding neighbors are in awe. While we were installing it, we had people stop everyday and ask us about the product and where we got it. Thanks for all your help!

Henry L.

I am an owner of a new house. It is my 5th property purchased. I have been looking for the reliable and top quality fences for my properties and your name came across on HGTV.Lori is the first and only person that I spoke to in your firm. She took my hand and guided me step by step though the ordering process. See, watching HGTV does not make me a handyman. Lori even laughed with me at my drawing. She is courteous and professional. She remembers me by my first name at every phone call. She knew exactly what I needed when I was lost at fence jargon. She spoke on A-Fence with pride and joy. All these things made me feel comfortable about dealing with her and your Company.

I placed my first order for the newest house that I just closed this Monday. Although I haven’t gotten the fences yet, but I am excited and wanted to tell you about a great job that Lori has done for me. I know now that it is a beginning of my satisfied business transactions and most of all, I gain a friend.

Not sure if you remember me. I ordered some deck railing back in September 2010. I told you that there was no real rush in shipping it because I had a very busy schedule and did not know when I would be able to get around to installing it. I finally installed it last month and I could not be happier. I have never had such a great experience ordering something on line. I ordered the wrong posts and your people caught the problem and you advised me of it. Needless to say that saved me a lot of problems and time. From the time I found your web site to the time that it was delivered it was a wonderful experience. I am not sure what carrier delivered it but he came in a large truck and could not get up my long driveway. I was not at home so he and my wife managed to get it up the hill with his pallet jack and a small cart that I have. I want to thank you and every one that had anything to do with my order.

Patrick F.
I have finished the fence (except the one cap) and I’m very pleased! This has been one of the best engineered products that I have assembled. The directions you emailed were also very good. Overall I was leery of buying this product over the internet but I can say I’m extremely happy with the product start to finish. To you a very sincere “Thank You”!

Mike G.
I am so impressed with your product. In 1994 we had put in a pool at a former property and used another vinyl Fence Product. I know this looks much better than our last fence. It was less money, easy to install, great instructions and support from the help line. I was skeptical about using the internet for a large purchase. Everything has gone well and I have provided your website to a friend who is looking for ranch fence.

Cynthia C.
You make my life so much easier. You know your stuff. The order looks great with one exception. I hope you can call the factory and change the 54 New England Caps to 54 Seamless Gothic Caps. We only wanted the New England ones where the two 10′ gates are. We will install coach lights at the two driveway gates only. We love the country pickets with gothic caps. I hope this is not a problem. I meant to write you sooner but had to run some errands. My fax machine is still in the box and will need to hook it up to fax your order confirmation in writing. Will do so soon. Getting excited. Have a great weekend. I know I will.

Roger C.
I am getting a lot of compliments on my deck and people are asking where I got the material. I’m not totally done with the deck but I should be by the end of this weekend. I would like to get some more of your business cards to distribute to people that are interested in this decking. I even gave them samples of your product. I will send you a picture of the deck next week so you can compare it to the original picture I sent to you. Big difference.

Melissa A.
I just wanted to let you know that I have my new beautiful vinyl fence installed and it looks great. I did have some trouble getting it installed. The first installer didn’t show up and I couldn’t get a hold of him. I was able to get another installer so all is well. My flowers and plants look so nice next to the white. I have noticed your fence all over my city. Now I know why. Thanks again for all your help.

Pat M.
The fence arrived on Monday in good shape. My son inventoried the parts today and everything is there. So far this has been a good experience, but yesterday the installer that I had lined up to put it in didn’t show up and I haven’t been able to get a hold of him. Now I’m scrambling to find another. We pulled out the wood fence and have to get the new put up soon. On top of it all, I have been sick this week. Oh well, as my Mom always says, “This too shall pass.” Thanks again for everything.

Delores B.
Thanks so much for your help. I received your e-mail confirming my order and with the factory number for tracking purposes. You have really been a big help and we are looking forward to receiving our fence to complete our project. I have your number for future purchases and have referred you to a couple of friends and family members. Thanks again for everything.

R. Miller
Just wanted to update you on my fence project. I was very impressed with the quality of the sample you sent and like your no-hassle, no-pressure way of doing business. Most of the other companies that I have solicited bids from have used some sort of pressure tactic to induce me to buy. Their most common strategies have been to offer discounted prices or free shipping for a limited period of time. However, even their “specials” have been more expensive than your product. Even if yours wasn’t the least expensive, you have been the most responsive and responsible person I have dealt with, and I really appreciate that. Thank you!

Helga H.
Just want it to let you know that the fence installation was a success. Ojai in 105 degrees was not the ideal condition (lost 10 pd lol). But the fence looks beautiful, I had fun getting it together. If you are ever in need for a installer in our area keep me in mind. On my part, I certainly will recommend your company whenever a fence project comes up. Its been a pleasure!

Jack F.
Fence arrived TODAY! Can you believe it? That’s probably close to a record, right? Looks to be in excellent condition, and all pieces are accounted for, though I will do a breakdown and double check quantities over the weekend. Thanks again, it’s been a pleasure.

Tom H.
I received the order today and everything looks fine. One box was damaged but I don’t think anything is missing. Working with you and your company has been a pleasure. Thanks so much. I will recommend you to anyone that mentions buying a fence. Thanks again!

Robyn E.
I am finally sending you some pictures of my finished project, from last fall. I waited until I could get some good pictures of it when it wasn’t covered in snow, etc. I think it really turned out nice. I’ve had tons of compliments from people I know, as well as people walking/passing by on the street. Thanks for all your help!

George M.
I appreciate the fact that you went the extra mile for me requesting assistance. I have been extremely happy with your company’s customer service, level of professionalism, and price and would definitely refer you to anyone that I can. As a matter of fact I have already told one of the developers down here about you and he was very surprised at the pricing also. I own a mortgage company down here and have many developers that I work with. You might want to email him to say hi. Thanks again for any assistance.

Chris M.
Already have had calls from neighbors complimenting our fence choice (immediate neighbor has an all brick fence & he said our fence made his fence look bad lol) Anyhow, if you need a reference add me.

Ric D.
I’m sorry for not getting you these sooner, but my camera was being repaired. As you can see, it turned out great! Thanks for all of your help and support. If you would like to use me as a reference for customers, feel free.

Barbara S.
Well they just finished installing my privacy fence and it is GORGEOUS!! I just love it, my neighbor’s love it and I am happy. Thank you for all your help and advice.

Meredyth C.
Thank you for your quick service filling the order. The homeowners are very pleased with the look and quality.

Toni B.
Well that was fast, we got our order already and everything was in perfect order. We are very happy with this product and your service and will be sure to spread the word that you are the best.

Joyce B.
The fence is finished. I love it!! Love the pictures of your puppies. They are still on my desk. When I figure out this digital camera, and everything else, will try taking a picture of it for you to see.. Extend my thanks to your boss too! You both made a woman very happy! Since it’s the first vinyl fence in Globe, I’m getting lots of questions, and my referral is to you.

Kim S.
I just wanted to tell you my husband should be finishing the fence this weekend. You have a wonderful product. The fence is just beautiful. Thanks for your help making our back yard look wonderful.

Eric A. K. & Viva H.
Thank You for all your help and attention to detail. I will be looking forward to future business with your firm.

Tom B.
Thanks for everything. I received shipment on Wednesday, 5/1/02 and all is accounted for, undamaged. I am pleased with the quality of the product, and the service you provided. Now the fun part …. installation!

Donald B.
My fence order arrived in St. Martinville, La. in good shape and although I did not check it personally, it seems all there from the info I get from my brother in law. Thank you for your good service.

Scott and Alesia H.
This e-mail is to confirm that we have received your e-mail with our tracking number and freight carrier information. Thank you once again in assisting us with our project. Your professional attitude and prompt correspondence is highly appreciated. We will gladly recommend your company and if the need arises, request your services in the future.

Larry W.
I picked up the remainder of my shipment today in Columbus Ga. I will go through the boxes tomorrow and check every thing out . Thanks for your return call to check on things, we enjoyed doing business with you.

Maria & Jim M.
I received all of your info. Thanks again for your help. You were really wonderful to work with. We are looking forward to receiving and installing everything. We’ll send pictures once it’s all said and done.

Kim S.
I just wanted to tell you my husband should be finishing the fence this weekend. You have a wonderful product. The fence is just beautiful. Thanks for your help making our back yard look wonderful.

Margaret C.
Thank you for all of your kind help. I had dealt with a couple of other companies online and they were not very considerate. The reason I decided to obtain my fence from you was your kindness and help. I feel I can get the fence installed and have someone to talk with should there be a question.

Tom L.
Our privacy fence came out perfect. Thanks for all the great help and service. Buying online is intimidating however your company did everything you said you would and there were no surprises. We lover our fence and sincerely appreciate your service.

James N.
Thanks for all of your help and support with our fence project. Our fence was easy to install and is more beautiful then we imagined.

Warren T.
We are very thankful we found your company online. Our horse fence is all installed and came out perfect. We just finished installing the last of it and now can let our horses into our new pasture. Your fence is just as strong as you said. We will need at least one more truckload this spring.

Lisa D.
Our Simulated Stone Fence is amazing. It was so simple to install, we had our son dig the holes for the posts then my husband had it all up this weekend. I had no idea this was so easy. Our neighbors love it as well they thought it was real rock! Many thanks for making this so easy and cost effective.

Michael S.
Thanks for the exceptional service. We submitted a quote, and had a detailed quote in 45 minutes. I was blown away by the service as I was not expecting this. I have worked with many manufactures and have never had such a great experience. Our fence is beautiful and super strong! Does not compare to any other fence I have seen. Thanks again!!


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