Fast2K – Post Concrete Substitute

Fast2K Fence Post Back Fill Concrete Substitute


  • This is an amazing product that replaces the use of concrete around your posts! This was invented to install utility poles in Canada during the winter now can be used to install your vinyl fence! No more having to lug around heavy bags of concrete, as a 26oz bag equals 100 lbs of concrete. This is a game changer in the fencing industry. The price is equal to about 2 bags of concrete – but you save so much time and labor, FAST2K fence post back fill pays for itself! Easy To Use!




  • For all fences – typically 1 bag per post.

  • Choose from 12.4 oz or 26 oz bags.

  • For 4″ posts: you will need (1) 12.4oz Fast 2K bag for a hole that is 36″ deep with a 6″ diameter.

  • For 5″ posts: you will need (1) 26oz Fast 2K bag for a hole that is 36″ deep with an 8″ diameter.

  • For horse fences: you will need (1) 26 oz Fast 2K bag since it is a 5″ x 5″ post.

  • For around gate posts: you must purchase our aluminum gate post inserts, or you have to use regular concrete.

  • In order to use the FAST2K fence post back fill, you do have to purchase aluminum inserts that go inside the posts. For high wind installations or fences taller than 6′ high, please contact us.

12.4 Oz Bag –
Used for 4″ x 4″ Posts

On Sale Now $15.00 Each

Regular Price = $19 Each

26 Oz Bag –
Used for 5″ x 5″ Posts

On Sale Now $18.00 Each

Regular Price = $22 Each