New York Privacy Fence

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Our New York privacy fence features 27 topper pickets cut in various lengths to create a wave appearance on the top of each panel. The product includes 3 horizontal rails and the bottom rail includes an aluminum insert for commercial strength. All of our panels are commercial grade and built to last a lifetime. This product adds actual value to your property without the maintenance. We offer fast shipping. Most orders are on the road within 3 business days. This fence is available in white, tan, clay or color combo. Contact us 24/7 for questions or for a detailed quote for your project.

Our New York vinyl privacy fence panels is commercial grade and perfect for all extreme climates. As with all of our products, our New York vinyl fencing includes commercial grade 6″ Wide T&G Picket 7/8″ thick. Most comparable pickets sold by other companies offer a picket 045″ thick. Installed with our heavy duty 5″ x 5″ posts which are with the thickest post and rails in the industry. New York vinyl fence adds actual value to your property as it is backed by our transferable lifetime warranty.  Our New York privacy fence is perfect for your commercial project or even your backyard! Compare the facts on our New York Vinyl Fencing and you will see the difference.

White New York Privacy Fence Pricing:

Each Section Includes (1) Post and (1) Cap.  Bottom Horizontal Rail Includes Aluminum Insert for Commercial Strength.

Price below in White.  For Tan Color add 15% * For Clay add 20% For Color Combo- For Example White Posts, White Horizontal Rails, Tan Interior: Add 15%

SectionRegular PriceSale PricePost Dimensions
5′ Tall x 6' Wide $184$1545" x 5″ x 96″
5′ Tall x 8' Wide $214$1795" x 5″ x 96″
6′ Tall x 6' Wide $194$164 5″ x 5″ x 108″
6′ Tall x 8' Wide $226$189 5″ x 5″ x 108″
7′ Tall x 6' Wide $231$1935″ x 5″ x 120″
7′ Tall x 8' Wide $262$2185″ x 5″ x 120″
8′ Tall x 6' Wide $304$2545" x 5" x 140"
8′ Tall x 8' Wide $326$2725" x 5" x 140"

Price Includes (1) Post & (1) Standard Pyramid Cap Per Section. [View Post Cap Options]

NOTE: All Fence sections and gates can be modified (cut) on site to any width required!

All Pricing Above For White [Click Here For Color Options]

Specifications & Details

Heavy Duty New York Vinyl Fence Factory Direct. Fast Shipping. Contact us 24/7 for a free quote for your New York vinyl fencing project.

Why Consider Our New York Privacy Fence?

Wood fencing has for years been the choice for homeowners throughout the country, but that trend is slowly changing. Vinyl fencing has been around for over 25 years and is gaining in popularity all the time, and for good reason. It offers several benefits that wood just cannot provide.

Believe it or not, vinyl has five times the tensile strength of wood. You want a fence that will last many years, and that strength makes vinyl the right choice for durability. Its toughness makes it difficult to get damaged as well as vinyl will flex 4 times further than wood before it breaks. A wooden fence is compromised as soon as even one board gets broken. A pet can get loose, or something can get in your yard. One of the hallmarks of vinyl is its flexibility. Combined with its toughness, it is very easy to work with. It’s not easy to break, so installing it without damage is easy. Wood is not so forgiving. One mistake can cause wood to split and cause major headaches. Not to mention, vinyl is much lighter and easier to handle than wooden slats can be.

The great thing about vinyl is that it does not take much TLC to keep it looking great and new. It does not rot or change color as time goes on. Plus, it’s simple to clean. Soap and water will do the trick, although you will not have to clean it all that regularly since dirt and particles do not stick well to it, and sometimes come off in the rain.

If you were to put two fences side-by-side, you can always tell which one was installed first. The color of wood changes fast over time, and repainting or finishing it every year is massively time consuming. Vinyl does not fade much from the sun, nor does it rot or decompose from moisture. You can choose from many colors, have it installed, and be sure that it will still look great even years later. All of our vinyl fence products are backed by our industry leading transferable warranty. This adds value to your project instead of maintenance and replacement costs.

There are many options available when it comes to your fencing needs. However, when it comes to choosing the right primary material, our New York privacy fence, which is made of vinyl, just may be the perfect fit for your project. If you are interested in our New York privacy fence for your residential or commercial property, do not hesitate to contact us online or by calling 507-206-4154.


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