High-Quality Vinyl Fencing:

I have always loved fences. My grandfather, in true West Texas tradition, taught me to appreciate the art of fine craftsmanship and how to take pride in a job that was well done. I took that boyish appreciation for my grandfather’s teachings and have translated that into a lifelong career in the vinyl fencing industry. Today, I can often be found during the summers repairing those same fences with my grandsons on the ranch my grandfather bequeathed to me.So when friends, neighbors and family members ask me for advice about installing new fencing, I jump at the chance to be of service. I love discussing creative ways to solve tough fencing issues, and while it may be unorthodox in today’s “get it cheap” culture, I often encourage my family and friends to spend a littlemore on higher quality materials. For instance:  I have seen firsthand that while the upfront costs of buy factory-direct, heavy-duty commercial grade vinyl fence may be a bit higher than big-box retail fencing competitors, those who choose the former get their savings back in spades in terms of both longevity and durability.

Understand the Fencing You Need

There are lots of different types of fencing on the market today; there are low and high-quality as well as low and high-priced options amongst each of them. Take into consideration that there are many fencing options, in addition to options constructed from vinyl fencing, there is aluminum, wrought iron, and, of course, traditional wood fencing. Each option may be suitable for different applications; however, vinyl fencing is fast becoming both the most popular and the most cost-effective option for a growing demographic of customers. There are advantages to purchasing high-quality vinyl fencing.

One significant advantage is found in long-term durability. Vinyl does not wear, fade, crack, weather, rust, or buckle. Vinyl is relatively impervious to humidity, the depredations of livestock or other animals, and inclement weather. However, I state all of this and yet also ask you to take it with a grain of salt, because it is in the quality of the vinyl material itself that you will find these benefits to be the strongest.

For instance, some vinyl fencing materials, including those manufactured and installed by one of my favorite companies, A Vinyl Fence & Deck Wholesaler, has a wind certification factor of 130 mph (miles per hour). To put that certification in context, this company’s vinyl privacy fence is wind certified to withstand a Category Five hurricane, which is the highest hurricane threat rating currently issued by the National Weather Service. It is fairly unlikely that you will find any discount vinyl fencing manufacturer who will provide that kind of guarantee.

This is where I often spend time talking with people about how to choose a vinyl fence. There are several important aspects to consider about both the fencing material itself and the company that is selling it to you. First I will address the company, using A Vinyl Fence Wholesaler, www.vinylfenceanddeck.com as an example. This is a company that has been in business nearly two decades, with a stellar reputation in its field and a wealth of customer testimonials to back up their products. Their customer service department is staffed by experts in the fencing industry, which allows even customers who know nothing about fencing to obtain knowledgeable no-cost advice before they make a purchase.

The company also offers a lifetime guarantee on all fencing materials and their installation process is not complete until you say so. Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they offer super fast manufacturing tyicial time is 2-3 business days!  Now that is fast for a manufacture!  Finally, they have many different styles of vinyl fencing to choose from, including privacy fence (one of the most popular styles today), heavy duty ranch fence and vinyl horse fence (my personal favorite, of course), vinyl picket fence style, vinyl pool fencing, amazing simulated stone fence and more styles as well.

The Importance of Proper Installation

Finally, regardless of the fencing material you choose, the quality will still only be as high as the quality of the installation allows it to be. If you are going to install on your own, rest assured A Vinyl Fence Wholesaler will guide you through the entire installation, including written instructions and 7 days per week telephone install support!  You can save a ton of money if you install on your own.  If you need help finding an installer, check with them as they might have a great installer right down the street!

About the Author: Rick Meshmeri began his lifelong career in fencing by helping his grandfather install and repair the fences on a West Texas cattle ranch every summer.

FOR MORE INFORMATION REGARDING VINYL FENCE & DECK PRODUCTS: Visit A Vinyl Fence & Deck Wholesaler (www.vinylfenceanddeck.com)