Black Vinyl Horse Fence

Heavy Duty Black Vinyl Horse Fence, Black 2 Rail, 3 Rail, 4 Rail, Black Diamond Rail Horse Fence and Black Farm Fence.

Black Vinyl Horse Fence sets your property apart and creates a beautiful background to define your landscape. Our heavy duty black horse fence is fade resistant and used in all climates with Proprietary High-Temperature Performance. Field tested for over 11 years and manufactured for all climates from extreme hot areas like Texas to cold states like Minnesota, you can rest assured your black vinyl farm fence will last a lifeftime. Our heavy duty black horse fence defines your landscape and is engineered to hold in horses and cattle, makes this a perfect solution for equestrian and farm fence. Our Black Vinyl Horse fencing is available in the following configurations: Black 2 Rail, Black 3 Rail horse fence, Black Vinyl 4 Rail horse fence, and Black Diamond Rail, 2 Rail, 3 Rail, 4 Rail or Black Diamond 5 Rail Vinyl Horse Fence.

  • black vinyl horse fencing
  • black vinyl horse fence
  • black 3 rail vinyl horse fence

Black vinyl horse fence and farm fence is the highest grade black vinyl fence manufactured today. Engineered for all applications, from horses to cattle and livestock to perimeter fence. A new black vinyl horse fence will add actual value to your property as it will never need to be painted nor replaced, and always looks fresh and new. Our black fences are field-proven to maintain their deep color since they’re manufactured with extensive UV stabilizers for ultimate protection. It won’t blister, rot, rust or peel and it weathers uniformly. Because color is extruded throughout the product, it doesn’t need paint or other surface treatments such as water sealants and stains. It’s also resistant to stains. All of our vinyl horse fencing is 100% backed by our industry leading transferable lifetime warranty. Another big advantage is how easy this is to install. As our posts are commercial grade and very strong, you can simply install in the ground without concrete. This will save you a lot of labor and money as installation is very basic. Contact us today for a free quote for your vinyl horse fence or farm fence project. 507-206-4154

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Heavy Duty Black Vinyl Horse Fence & Black Farm Fence Factory Direct. Transferable Lifetime Warranty.Contact us 24/7 for a free quote.

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Heavy Duty Black Vinyl Post and Rail Horse Fence Factory Direct. Fast Shipping. Contact us 24/7 for a free quote for your vinyl farm fence project.

What Are The Benefits of Purchasing Factory Direct?

Thank you for visiting our website. Our post and rail horse fence has been installed across the USA for over 25 years, so if you have ever driven by a beautiful vinyl horse fence, there is an excellent chance it was manufactured by us. We have been a leader in the vinyl fencing industry since 1995.

Our heavy duty Black PVC horse fence systems are an affordable and practical option to define your property, perfect for equestrian fence, ranch fence, farm fence, and split rail fence applications. Choose from 2 rail, 3 rail vinyl fence, and 4 rail horse fence, crossbuck fence, plus diamond rail post and rail configurations. All options are economically-priced for even the largest properties, with truckload discounts are available.

When you order direct from us, you’ll receive everything needed for your project. Concrete is not needed for our heavy duty posts. The only exception is that we do require concrete to support gate posts. Our heavy duty black horse fence does not use any brackets, wood, or screws, making it quick and easy to install. You will save money by purchasing your horse fence factory direct by avoiding the middleman. To save even more money, you can install our products on your own, or hire a local installer. We provide 24/7 installation support and work directly with you or whomever will be installing your fence to make sure the job is done correctly. If you need help finding a local fence installer, let us know as we have an extensive list of fence installers all across USA and might have one very close to you.

Custom Manufacturing is Available!

Besides Black horse fence, We also manufacture White Horse Fence, Tan horse fence, Clay Horse Fence and even Gray Horse Fencing used for vinyl post and rail fence, split rail fencing and farm fencing, plus mocha walnut wood grain horse fence (click here to view), white crossbuck fencing (click here to view), and matching heavy duty gates (click here to view). If you have a unique project, we can custom manufacture any option and route your posts to your specifications. We believe our job is not done until your vinyl horse fence is properly installed. We also manufacture matching horse fence gates and custom gates upon request.

Quality Matters.

If you compare the quality you will see that our vinyl horse fencing stands alone and is second to none. Plus our gates are the best in the business. The thickness and gauge of our PVC horse fence is considered the very best in the industry. Because our horse fence is commercial grade, it will be stronger and hold up longer than products from companies that offer a lesser grade agriculture fence, which is not meant to hold in horses or livestock. Our black vinyl horse fencing is engineered for all applications, from horses to cattle and livestock, farm fence and post and rail fence. If this is for a commercial project, using a higher grade quality means your vinyl horse fence will add actual value to your project as it will never need to be painted nor replaced, and will always look fresh and new. All of our vinyl horse fencing products are heavy duty, made with virgin vinyl, and backed by our industry leading transferable lifetime warranty. Contact us today for a free quote. We offer free nationwide shipping on most orders, plus volume discounts for large projects. We are always here ready to help and hope to work with you on your vinyl ranch fence project.


What Do Others Have To Say?

  • Richard Squier

    "I've used this company 2 times. Both were great experiences. I ordered a fence first followed later by a porch railing. My inquires were responded to usually within a couple of hours. The products I received were high quality and complete. Definitely would recommend this company."

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  • Elisabeth Wright

    "I was highly impressed with the quality of fence and service I received. I purchased the white Bel Air pool fence for our swimming pool last summer in June. As my home is located in the Florida Keys, I wanted to make sure the fence I bought would hold up during our hurricane season. I am so happy I did my homework! It's like I had a crystal ball. When Irma came through our fence held up perfectly! My neighbors wood fence was completely destroyed. I was also lucky that my home held up fine, only damage was a palm tree that feel down. I consider myself very lucky as to the devastation in our area was considerable. I cannot say enough about how great it was to work with this company. They have a great web site and most importantly their fence and service is amazing. They actually took the time to help my handyman on the installation to make sure it was done correctly. They shipped very fast, as I ordered on June 2nd 2017 and received my order on June 8th. I will be ordering again as my rental in Tampa needs a new privacy fence. I will be calling to order a new privacy fence by June 1st."

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  • Paul Sauchelli

    "We were fortunate enough to purchase our fencing from this excellent company 5 years ago. Outstanding quality, looks great and it has weathered every storm like a champ. This past week we had a big wind/snow storm which took down my neighbors very large evergreen. It falling on our fence. The fence did quite well with this immense tree hitting it, the damage was contained within only one section. Here is the best part of this organization, I wrote to the president today inquiring about the parts I need to make the repairs. He writes back almost immediately and the parts will be on the way this week. Now that is SERVICE."

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  • Randy Allen

    "In May, 2018, Colorado Springs sustained a massive hail storm. While myself, along with all my neighbors had to replace our roofs, I did not have to replace my vinyl fence. As you can see from the attached picture, we had hail damage bigger than golf ball size and the vinyl fence I ordered from Kelly Hanson withstood mother nature. I highly recommend this product."

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