Here Comes the Storm…

Heavy-Duty Vinyl Fence and it’s Durability in Extreme Weather Conditions

Every day I’m asked about how well vinyl fence holds up in extreme weather conditions.  This is a real concern for many individuals; even in the United States we have a variety of weather conditions that range from areas of extreme hot or cold as well as snow, flooding, hurricanes and tornadoes.

So whether talking with a customer from Rochester MN where the average low temperature in January is a brisk 2 degrees to a customer in Phoenix, AZ experiencing average highs in July of 105 degrees, temperature is one of many concerns.

The truth is that our heavy-duty vinyl fence is designed and engineered to last for decades even in temperatures that far exceed the highs and lows we can experience from annual weather patterns.  The biggest concerns, cracking or fading over time, are covered by our product’s lifetime manufacturers warranty.

What about rain and exposure to moisture over time?  Unlike it’s wood counterpart, vinyl fence does not absorb moisture so it is not affected by rain or moisture.  Because of this it will also not mold or mildew if left exposed to moisture for long periods.

Perhaps the biggest concerns I hear are regarding wind resistance and potential storm damage.  The Midwest has it’s tornadoes, the East Coast has it’s hurricanes and some areas are just plain windy all the time.  Never fear, when properly installed our fence can stand up to hurricane conditions with winds gusting at up to 130 mph.

Wind tested for Dade and Boward Counties in Florida, you can view the results of our wind testing by watching the short video included with this article.

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy I was both saddened by reports of wind damage to other fences and pleased with reports from our customers about how well the vinyl fence purchased from A Vinyl Fence & Deck Wholesaler held up.  Other than a few lost caps, we had no warranty claims filed after Sandy but did in fact replace several other fences that did not fair as well in these harsh conditions.