Vinyl Fencing was the Best Choice for Me

I’m lucky enough to live in a nice neighborhood in a small town, close enough to the big city that it’s just a half hour drive to all kinds of cultural events, but far enough away that we can see the stars at night. It’s just a safe, happy community where everyone knows everyone, and as a result, everyone talks about everyone.

My wife, Liz, and her friends put those ladies from “The View” to shame. It seems like everyone has something to say and they want to be heard, regardless of whether or not anyone is listening. But on one occasion, during a backyard cookout Liz and I were throwing for some neighborhood friends, one of her friends was talking and Iwas listening.

“Liz,” Jessica, her friend, was saying, “I don’t mean to be rude, but…that fence.”

At first I was alarmed,but then I realized:   she had a point. The old wooden fence that hugged our backyard had come with the house when we bought it 12 years ago. It was the original fence from when the house was built 20 years ago and, yes, the wood was rotting and the paint was flaking. But there had always been other more pressing issues to address around the house, such as leaky pipes and drafty windows.

“Liz, there are so many options out there now…why don’t you try something new. You know. Better. It would just brighten up this beautiful house,” Jessica prattled on. “Hank and I just redid ours and we got a vinyl fence.”

Vinyl, huh?  I remember thinking at the time. Okay, I’ll check that out.

That evening, after everyone had left and we had cleaned up everything, I looked at our old fence and I made myself see it through Jessica’s eyes. She was right, unfortunately. Our old wood privacy fence had to go.

Time For a New Fence!

I got online and started looking, first, for more information about vinyl fencing. I knew the material was strong and durable, but I wanted some additional facts. I learned all the benefits of choosing vinyl fencing, like its strength against wind and weather (important, since we live in an area that sees some blustery snowfalls and high winds). Then, there’s the lack of maintenance necessary to keep vinyl fencing looking like a million bucks, which was a selling point for me, since the last time I gave our wooden fence any real consideration was … a while ago. Not having to stain, treat or paint the fence, not having to worry about insects like termites and not having to regularly paint it were all compelling arguments in vinyl’s favor.

I conferred with Liz and she agreed: we were going to go ahead and replace our old wooden fence with a new vinyl one. The next problem, however, was finding the right company. You may have realized that there are a lot of vinyl fencing companies out there and wading through them to find the best can be tough. I looked at a lot of websites that night, before deciding upon A Vinyl Fence & Deck Wholesaler. It seemed to make sense buying factory-direct (the savings!) and enjoying the heavy-duty commercial grade vinyl fence that outperforms big-box retail types. I also liked that they had over 19 years of experience and are considered the leading manufacturer in the industry.

I saw that, as fence experts, they were available seven days a week, all 24 hours of the day, and I considered calling them that night, even though it was nearly 1 a.m. (Liz talked me out of it). The next morning, I looked through all the styles offered and I was blown away – so many options, all of them attractive, like privacy fence, which is wind certified up to 130 mph, ranch fence, vinyl horse fence, simulated stone fence, pool fence, and vinyl picket fence. I was torn between the simulated stone and the Rainier Privacy Fence, but went with the Rainier, because it was most like our old fence.

The End Results

We placed our order and the material arrived within 7  business days. I could have put the fence up myself, since they offer installation support 24/7, but they hooked me up with an installer in our area. It was actually kind of magnificent watching the fence go up, because it was just such a beautiful addition to our property. Knowing that our fence is backed by a lifetime warranty, and knowing that it will be decades before I have to spend another dime or minute on our fence has made me a satisfied customer.

In fact, I was so elated with the results that I even sent Jessica a big fruit basket as a “thank you.”