Minnesota Privacy Fence

Heavy Duty Minnesota Privacy Fence. Fast Shipping. Lifetime Warranty. Made in USA.

Our Minnesota privacy fencing offers the perfect combination of privacy and charm. Our heavy duty vinyl privacy fence products boast the thickest pickets, posts, and rails in the industry. Our Minnesota vinyl fence includes aluminum in the bottom rail for commercial strength and is perfect for extreme weather conditions. Available in white, tan, clay & color combo options, most orders are on the road within 3-4 business days.

Minnesota privacy fence is more than just a white vinyl privacy fence. It has an “open-top” picket design that gives it a very unique look. There are 28 pickets on the top that are spaced 1.7″ apart. As with all of our products, Minnesota privacy fencing panels include commercial grade 6″ wide T&G pickets that are .065″ thick. Most comparable pickets sold by other companies offer a picket 045″ thick. This fence is installed with our 5″ x 5″post and rails — the thickest in the industry. Compare the facts between our heavy duty Minnesota vinyl fencing and its competitors, and you will see the difference. It could be the perfect choice to complement your home, landscape or any commercial project. Contact us 24/7 for a quote and/or support.507-206-4154

White Minnesota Privacy Fence Pricing:

Each Section Includes (1) Post and (1) Cap.  Bottom Horizontal Rail Includes Aluminum Insert for Commercial Strength.

Price below in White.  For Tan Color add 15%  For Clay Add 20%* For Color Combo- For Example White Posts, White Horizontal Rails, Tan Interior: Add 15% 


SectionRegular PriceSale PricePost Dimensions
5′ Tall x 6' Wide $212$1695" x 5″ x 96″
5′ Tall x 8' Wide $237$1895" x 5″ x 96″
6′ Tall x 6' Wide $225$179 5″ x 5″ x 108″
6′ Tall x 8' Wide $249$199 5″ x 5″ x 108″
7′ Tall x 6' Wide $287$2295″ x 5″ x 120″
7′ Tall x 8' Wide $312$2495″ x 5″ x 120″
8′ Tall x 6' Wide $337$2695" x 5" x 140"
8′ Tall x 8' Wide $361$2895" x 5" x 140"

Price Includes (1) Post & (1) Standard Pyramid Cap Per Section. [View Post Cap Options

NOTE: All fence sections and gates can be modified (cut) on site to any width required! 

All Pricing Above For White [Click Here For Color Options]

Specifications And Details: Minnesota Privacy Fence CADs. Click To Enlarge And Print

Heavy Duty Minnesota Vinyl Privacy Fence Factory Direct. Fast Shipping. Contact us 24/7 for a free quote for your Privacy Fence project.

  • 5 Foot Tall Minnesota Privacy Fence

    4′ Tall

  • 6 Foot Tall Minnesota Privacy Fence

    5′ Tall

  • 7 Foot Tall Minnesota Privacy Fence

    6′ Tall

  • 8 Foot Tall Minnesota Privacy Fence

    7′ Tall

  • 8 Foot Tall Minnesota Privacy Fence

    8′ Tall

    2 1-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ Slotted Rails
    1 1-3/4″ x 3-1/2″ Mid Rails
    15 7/8″ x 6″ Tongue & Groove Pickets
    28 1″ Scalloped Pickets on Top
    1 5″ x 5″x 108″ Post .15 Wall Thickness
    2 7/8″ U-Channel
    1 5″ Outside Pyramid Cap
    2 Aluminum H Bar Insert For Bottom Rail
    Spacing between T&G pickets – None


Why Consider Minnesota Privacy Fence?

When you go looking for fencing, you go to the store and you find wood or steel or low grade plastic. Wood requires staining and it is heavy, expensive, and requires you to put in years of work and maintenance just to maintain its appearance. Then you get to replace it again in 5-7 years. Steel can rust if not treated properly. Low grade big box store plastic fence is even a worse choice as it is the lowest grade fence available and will most likely blow down after the first storm. If it survives the storm chances are it will turn yellow and become brittle over the years.

Adding a liftime vinyl fence saves you money in the long run. Our commercial grade Heavy Duty Vinyl Privacy Fence is virtually maintenance free, and adds real value and curb appeal to your home or commercial property as it is backed by our industry leading transferable lifetime warranty. If ever you sell your property, your warranty is automatically transfered to the next home onwer. Minnesota Privacy Fence is available in a variety of colors and patterns so you can match your property and aesthetic.

Installation is comparably a breeze, with a great variety of heights, slat spacing and shapes for your property. Our privacy fence is much lighter than wood and even steel, so simple tools, basic labor and common sense is all you need.

Once you have your commercial grade privacy fence installed, long-term maintenance is also a breeze. You can perform regular cleaning with a hose and sponge, or pressure washer, and every-day detergents and a sponge takes care of almost all of your spot cleaning. With a click cleaning once a year, it looks brand new. Our Minnesota privacy fence is affordable, easy-to-install, and easy-to-maintain. Our lifetime vinyl privacy fences give you a much more personalized choice without the never ending cost of maintenance and replacement.


Heavy Duty, Commercial Grade, Manufactured for Extreme Climates. Transferable Lifetime Warranty. Fast Shipping.