Shipping and Receiving Instructions

Please Read Important Details Below On Receiving Your Order

Thank you for allowing us to work with you on your fence or railing project! What sets us apart beside offering the best quality vinyl fence, railing and aluminum fence products manufactured today, is the care we take with each order from manufacturing, to order placement, exceptional shipping and packaging and through installation of your project. We offer complete installation support, before during and after your fence arrives. We believe our job is not finished until your project is properly installed! We are available 24/7 to assist with your vinyl fence or railing project!

To ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, we have prepared this list of steps to follow when receiving your order. Please take a few minutes to read these Important Details Below On Receiving Your Order

The Freight company will schedule your delivery appointment with you, for instance “Afternoon Delivery” between 1:00 and 5:00 – Make sure to tell the freight scheduler that the truck driver has to call you when he is an hour away from arriving to your location. This will prevent you from having to wait all day for the truck to arrive. If you do not do this, you might have to wait all day at delivery location Keep in mind freight companies whom are independent from us, are notorious for not meeting schedules. Therefore if your project has a deadline or you are arranging for help, you will need to stay in contact with carrier to ensure your delivery day and time!

Your order will be shipped by an independent freight carrier 100% Insured. Your order will more than likely come in a large truck which will most likely require hand off loading. It is important that you have enough help on hand for the off loading or a fork lift on hand. Please understand the drivers are not required to help. Upon your request, we will provide your tracking number and freight carrier contact info to you, once your product ships. Please keep in mind we are not the freight company! Freight carrier will call you when your fence arrives to your city, to schedule delivery appointment for your order. When you speak to the freight scheduler, They will ask if you have a fork lift. If your order is of average size, let them know, this is a hand offload no forklift needed. Tell them to have your order towards the back near the tailgate for easy offloading. You will simply take off our wrapping and off load piece by piece. If you have a large order, if you can arrange for a fork lift this will make it easier for you to offload. If you are not sure about this process of if you require special offload instructions, make sure to ask your sales associate that helped you with your order, or simply give us a call as we are always here ready to assist! 507-206-4154


Your order will be coming to you directly from our manufacturing facility. The sections come ready to assemble – all rails are routed, all pickets are cut and labeled, all posts are routed. Our fence sections will need to be assembled on site. This is very basic to do, plus remember we provide 24/7 install support! It will be necessary for you or your representatives to be on site at the time of the delivery to hand unload the truck; failure to do so will result in redelivery charges. Most shipments are delivered on pallets. The pallets are to be broken down to be offloaded by hand or you may choose to rent a forklift at your own expense. If your order is large – you must have another person(s) to help unload the truck. The driver is responsible to get the order to the end of the truck only, it is the recipient’s responsibility to offload all pallets. Refusing delivery of orders is not permitted. If the delivery is refused, you will be responsible for any and all shipping charges incurred, both to and from your location. You will also be responsible for a 25% restocking fee.


1.) The driver will deliver to you a specific number of pallets, bundles or boxes. Ask the driver how many are supposed to be there and than count. Upon inspection, make sure your invoice number and/or your name is on any of the pallets prior to breaking down pallets. Check all sides, including top of pallet, of your order for any possible damage prior to taking delivery of your order. Make sure you note any possible damage prior to taking any material off of truck. When asked to sign any delivery receipts, it is important to put ‘Subject to Inspection’ and sign your name. If you should find any visible damage please mark the delivery receipt accordingly. You must report any visible damage or missing product or errors within 48 hours of receipt. After 48 hours, it is the customer’s responsibility to file insurance claims with the carrier for any damages, errors, or missing product. At that point Vinyl Fence Wholesaler will no longer be responsible for missing or damaged items.

2.) If you have extra material left over that would like to return, simply ship it back to us at your expense within 30 business days, and if it is in perfect brand new condition we will give you a credit minus a 25% restock fee

3.) If any damages/shortages have been discovered, please immediately fax or email the freight bill on which you have noted the damages/shortages and let us know what the damages shortages may be. We cannot have replacement material shipped to you without our first receiving this freight bill. A representative may come out at a later date to verify the damage/shortage.

4.) Vinyl Fence Wholesaler cannot be held responsible for damaged or shorted material whose signed freight bill does clearly state the material as shorted or damaged upon receipt, or when we are notified over 48 hours after delivery. Rest assured, if you find out at a later date that you are missing something or there is hidden damage, get us a picture or simply give us a call as we always find a way to help out within reason. As we do take over 20 pictures of your order before it is wrapped and shipped, we can pull up pictures to verify that we did ship your order correctly. As always, If you have any questions or concerns. please don’t hesitate to call us! We are always here ready to help

5) This page is to notify that color and pictures shown on our web site may not be a 100% accurate representation of the actual color. Our Fence colors may look different in person vs viewing online due to the device you are using to view on our website. For instance, Black Granite and Black Oak are actually a darker gray than our Nantucket Gray. They are not actually Black color. Our Golden Cedar is very close to Red Cedar except with more of a Gold Oak Coloring. Red Cedar is not a dark brick red color. Our Gray Vinyl, for example Gray Rainier Privacy Fence, is actually a very light gray. The best way to see our Gray Vinyl color is against a piece of white paper or by using it with a color combo fence with white posts. Tan is a light Tan like coffee with extra cream. Clay is a darker olive green gray khaki color. It is very important that you are happy with the color of your fence or railing as it is a lifetime product. If you are ordering a color other than white, we highly suggest ordering a sample before placing your order so that you can be certain the color you choose is correct for your project. We do charge for samples, however by simply contacting us directly and upon Vinyl Fence Wholesaler providing a quote for your project, typically we will provide color samples at no charge upon request! Please contact your sales rep for details.

6) Upon delivery of your fence or railing, In the unlikely event of freight damage or if you think you are missing something on your order, please call us immediately at 507-206-4154. If you have placed your order with us and for some reason you would like to cancel your order, please notify us within 2 business days of placing your order. After 2 days, you may be assessed a cancellation fee along with any shipping charges incurred.

7) It is highly unlikely for us to ship the wrong color or incorrect fence style, however we are human and on very rare occosasions we do make mistakes. Rest assured, we will fix any problem that we created, and work with you to correct any mistakes you might have made on your order. With that being said, it is very important for you to inspect your order before offloading from the delivery truck. Before you offload your fence or railing from the delivery truck, Inspect your order to make sure color is correct and fence or railing style looks correct. If you are not sure color or fence style is correct, do not offload from the truck! Call us immediately before you offload from the truck if you feel there might be a problem with your order. As we take over 20 pictures of each shipment prior to loading onto the truck, we will be able to quickly check your order. If you decide to return your order, refuse delivery if your order is correct, or if you offload your fence or railing from the truck and decide to cancel or change your order, you will be responsible for any and all shipping charges plus a 25% restocking fee. If you have any questions or concerns, please Contact Us 24/7 as we are always here ready to assist.