4 Popular Vinyl Fence Styles

Vinyl fencing is a great investment for homeowners. A vinyl fence is easy to care for and it looks great year after year. When you decide what kind of vinyl fence best suits your needs, keep in mind the options below.

Popular Vinyl Fence Styles

Privacy Fence. Usually about six feet tall, this vinyl fence provides privacy. The most common type of privacy fence has six foot tall posts, while the fencing itself is only five feet high. This provides space for decorative work.

Picket Fence. A more decorative option, the primary purpose of these fences is to help define delineate property boundaries. The picket fence can add aesthetic charm to a residential or commercial property, and is most often installed in the front of a structure.

Ranch Rail Fence. Designed to define property boundaries, the design of this fence was originally made to contain livestock. Ranch rail vinyl fencing is best suited for horse ranches that might place aesthetics above functionality.

Cross Buck Fence. The design of this fence differs from the standard ranch rail, it is quickly becoming popular due to its unique features. It was originally used for the containment of livestock.

All of these fence styles are available at vinylfenceanddeck.com. Visit our website to browse our huge inventory of vinyl fencing options. We are available to discuss your fencing needs and will help you determine which style best fits your budget.