Ashland Privacy Fence

Amazing Simulated Wood Privacy Fence without the maintenance. Made in USA
  • Walnut Brown Ashland Privacy Fence88

    Ashland Privacy Fence is a beautiful Wood Grain Privacy Fence

    Ashland Privacy Fence is possibly the most beautiful woodgrain privacy fence ever made. Our Ashland privacy fencing has a textured surface that looks like natural wood shadowbox privacy fence. The unique design of our Ashland Privacy fence panels gives the look and feel of a board on board privacy fence. The panel is 100% solid with no gaps, therefore you cannot see through as it provides complete privacy. A big advantage is that you will never paint, stain or replace your fence again. As a result Ashland looks like a beautiful wood privacy fence without the maintenance.

  • Ashland Red Cedar privacy fence

    Commercial Grade, Wind Certified to 130 MPH

    Ashland privacy fencing is commercial grade and one of the strongest fence manufactured, wind certified for wind speeds up to 130 MPH. Ashland fence panels are made with low density poly-ethylene and molded to take on the texture and appearance of real wood. Each panel is made with a steel frame encased inside and that makes this ideal for residential or commercial fence projects. Choose from five Ashland Fence Colors Walnut Brown, Nantucket Gray, Red Cedar, Black Oak, or Golden Cedar. A perfect solution to add curb appeal to your home or property.

  • Ashland Golden Cedar Privacy Fence

    Lifetime Warranty

    Ashland Wood Grain Privacy Fence panels are built to last and will not fade out nor discolor. A new Ashland fence is guaranteed to always look as beautiful as the first day it was installed and is 100% backed by a commercial lifetime warranty. Therefore you get the beauty, feel, and reliability of a natural wood fence without the laborious yearly maintenance of staining and repairing that is required for a traditional wood fence. As a result, your new Ashland Privacy fence will add actual value to your property.  A new wood fence will last 5-7 years.  Our Ashland fence will last a lifetime!  Contact us 24/7 for a detailed project quote.

  • Nantucket Gray Ashland Privacy Fence 2

    Easy Installation

    Ashland Privacy Fence is very basic to install. We ship this to you pre-assembled which makes it very basic to install. Simply set your posts in the ground and attach your panels to the posts. Shipped factory direct to any address worldwide with A+ 24/7 installation support. With a very basic installation process, our Ashland fencing is definitely the strongest fence manufactured today that is also the easiest to install and most of all it is great for our environment. Its panels are approved as a ‘Green Product’ and used for many projects that require the use of eco-friendly building materials.

Our Ashland Privacy Fencing has reinvented fence manufacturing with its patented design of rotationally-molded fencing allowing realistic textured Wood Grain appearance and superior performance.

  • Patented construction

    Made with proprietary Linear Low Density Polyethylene Plastic (LLDPE) and reinforced with galvanized steel.

  • Superior wind rating

    Can withstand constant hurricane force winds up to 110 mph and 130 mph gusts. Certified to Dade County, Florida hurricane requirements.

  • Excellent sound barrier

    Blocks 98% of direct sound with a sound transmission class (STC) rating of 26.

  • Durable in temperature extremes

    Withstands tests at -40° to 140° F. Fade Resistant Contains Xenon-Arc 12 UV inhibitors for a lifetime of vibrant colors.

  • Color options

    Four designer colors. Nantucket Gray, Red Cedar, Walnut Brown, Golden Cedar.

  • Easy installation

    The most user-friendly fence on the market. We care about our environment. Made with recycled and recyclable polyethylene plastic.

  • Graffiti resistant

    Easily remove graffiti using a high-powered pressure washer.

  • Solid privacy and security

    Provides exceptional privacy and security for you and your family.

  • Lifetime warranty

    A maintenance-free solution. Our patented product will never need painting or staining; nor will it warp, fade or crack.

  • A cost effective solution

    Enhance your surroundings with our revolutionary “wood-look” Ashland Privacy Fencing. Proudly made in the United States.

  • Go Green with Ashland

    All Ashland panels are approved as a ‘Green Product’ and used for many projects that require the use of eco-friendly building materials.

Ashland Privacy Fence Pricing. Choose Any Color: Ashland Walnut Brown, Ashland Red Cedar, Ashland Golden Cedar, Ashland Nantucket Gray, Ashland Black Oak

Each Panel Includes a Steel Frame encased in each panel.

Each Post is Foam Filled with Steel Inserts, wrapped in our Patented Low Density Polyethylene.

Price Includes (1) Matching Post & (1) Matching Cap.

SizeRegular PriceSale PricePost Size
4' Tall x 8' Wide$334On Sale! $278 Per Section (Savings of 20%)5" x 5" x 102"
6′ Tall x 6' Wide$334On Sale! $278 Per Section (Savings of 20%)5" x 5" x 102"
8' Tall x 8' Wide$640On Sale! $534 Per Section (Savings of 20%)5" x 5" x 140"

Ashland Gate Pricing. Choose Any Color: Ashland Walnut Brown, Ashland Red Cedar, Ashland Golden Cedar, Ashland Nantucket Gray, Ashland Black Oak

All Gates are Shipped Pre-Built and include all Heavy Duty Gate Hardware including Hinges, Latch, and Drop Rod for Double Gates.

Matching Extra Reinforced Gate Posts with Cap = $125 Each

  • Ashland Single Gates:

    Size3' Wide4' Wide5' Wide6' Wide
    4' TallNA$495NANA
    6' Tall$450$495$595$695
    8' TallNA$595NANA
  • Ashland Double Gates:

    Size6' Wide8' Wide10' Wide12' Wide
    4' TallNA$990NANA
    6' Tall$900$990$1190$1390
    8' TallNA$1190NA

What Makes Our Products Different? Specifications & Details

Why Consider Our Ashland Privacy Fence?

Many home and business are afraid that vinyl is not strong enough to stand the test of time. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not only is it extremely durable; it comes with many additional advantages. Its “sound wall” qualities will help block road noise and it has many other advantages that you simply cannot benefit from using traditional materials.Our Ashland privacy fence looks and feels like real wood without the problems of wood. Vinyl typically costs more than wood initially, however it adds value to your property and it saves money over time as you do not have to stain, sand, seal, or replace it every 5-10 years. Wood has a major disadvantage. Being exposed to excessive moisture over a long period of time will cause it to rot and gray. Vinyl does not have that problem. It is very resistant to harsh weather. In fact, the only maintenance this product – which is made from vinyl – requires is the removal of dirt and debris on a semi-regular basis. It can be cleaned with common household cleaners. Not only is vinyl sturdy; it is very flexible. Our panels have the ability to “move” with pressure that it receives from the weather, a collision, or nearly any physical force. It will not be damaged by the torrential weather or the wind. It is able to “bounce back” much more easily than metal or wood.

If you are in need of a product that is easy to install, our Ashland privacy fencing is what you are looking for. Because it is made using a lightweight material, it is painless to work with. And because you can perform the installation yourself, you can save money by avoiding the cost of hiring a professional. It is important that your fencing can be customizable in order to meet the needs of your property. Vinyl can be customized to resemble materials such as stone, wood or metal. In addition, you can choose a color that compliments your yard and surroundings. When it comes to fencing, the benefits of vinyl far outweigh those of essentially any other material. Whether it is cost, the ease of installation, maintenance, or flexibility you are concerned about, our product will give you piece of mind.

If you have questions about our Ashland privacy fence, or if would like to receive a quote for your project, or inquire about our 24/7 installation support, contact us online or by calling 507-206-4154.


The Very Best Wood Grain Privacy Fence Made in USA

Never Paint, Stain, Sand or replace your fence again! Contact us 24/7 for a free quote