Purchase Agreement

Thank you for allowing us to work with you on your fence or deck project!  What sets us apart beside offering the best quality vinyl fence and deck products manufactured today, is the care we take with each order from manufacturing, to order placement, exceptional shipping and packaging and through installation of your project. We offer complete installation support, before during and after your fence arrives. We believe our job is not finished until your project is properly installed!  We really are available 24/7 to assist with your fence, deck or railing project!

This letter is to notify that Vinyl Fence Wholesaler is not the Installer for your project and is not a licensed contractor. Vinyl Fence Wholesaler is manufacture and seller only, of vinyl products. Permits, set back requirements and property line issues are property owners responsibility to handle with county, city, state, and contractor if necessary.

Upon request, we may be able to refer a contractor or installer, to perform installation and prepare an installation estimate. It is up to Project owner/Homeowner to hire installer/ contractor. Project owner/Homeowner has the right to hire whomever they choose to install their project. If Project owner/Homeowner chooses to install on their own, Vinyl Fence Wholesaler will provide at no cost upon request, installation instructions, and free 24/7 telephone install support to whomever installs your fence!

Vinyl Fence Wholesaler is held harmless from any (disputes, litigation, disagreements, payments, or any problems that may or may not arise) regarding faulty installation, property line disagreements, permits, set back requirements, swimming pool accidents or injuries, installation injuries, or any problems regarding fence, deck or fence installation. All installation questions and problems that may occur before, during, or after the sale are to be directed to contractor or installer that property owner hires. Vinyl Fence Wholesaler will provide 24/7 install support. All monies pertaining to installation, including deposit are given to Contractor\Installer.

Any disputes or litigation can only take place in the state of Oregon. If you have any product warranties issues or questions please Contact Us 24/7 ]  

Upon purchase your fence, deck, railing or garden product is automatically registered with our lifetime transferable warranty.  There are no forms you have to fill out!  This is all done for you!  Again any questions please contact your sales associate or contact us direct 24/7!   If you wish to cancel your order, please notify us within 3 business days of placing your order. After 3 days, you may be assessed a cancellation fee along with any shipping charges incurred. If you decide to return your order or refuse delivery, you are responsible for all shipping charges plus a 25% restocking fee.

If you have any questions or concerns, please Contact Us 24/7 ]

In the unlikely case of damage or a shortage claim, please contact us immediately.

Thank You!