Which Fence Style is Right For Me?

Aside from keeping my five-year-old Rottweiler from attacking the neighbor’s cat, I also needed a fence that provided needed privacy, would withstand the elements and basically just added a little aesthetic pop to my backyard’s landscape. After much deliberation, and endless conversations with my husband, we both mutually agreed vinyl fencing was the right answer. The product is wind certified up to 130 mph and purchasing through A Vinyl Fence and Deck Wholesaler meant we’d get our product manufactured within three business days and the fence experts available 24/7 were amazing, not to mention backed by a lifetime warranty. End the constant bickering at your house by determining the best style for your needs. Here are a few of your options:

Privacy Fence

Our noisy, somewhat intrusive neighbors meant choosing a vinyl privacy fence was the best option for my family. The panels are constructed from heavy duty, commercial grade product that is an astonishing .065 inches thick, and available in a variety of colors and finishes. We choose the cost-effective “Rainier Tongue & Groove” complete with a little lattice work to give our backyard some extra zest. Needless to say, the neighbors keep to themselves and my family is finally able to enjoy a backyard barbeque in peace, thanks to our durable privacy fence.

Classic Picket

Watch any 1950s movie or television show and the ideal family home was made complete by the presence of two kids, an affectionate puppy, the smell of fresh baked cookies and the iconic white picket fence. Times have changed and instead of performing the yearly chore of whitewashing a wooden fence, enjoy your weekends playing a game of touch football courtesy of your vinyl picket fence. The vinyl picket fence is a classic two to six-feet high and features just enough of a boundary to keep Fido, and the kids, safely in the yard.

Semi-Privacy Fence

You may be scratching your head right now trying to determine the difference between “semi-privacy” and “privacy” fences. In general, a semi-privacy fence features small gaps between the slats that allow air flow into your backyard. This is an option to consider if you want to create a quiet retreat in the backyard, but still crave the feel of a warm summer breeze on your skin. As with a privacy fence, vinyl semi-privacy fences are available in a variety of sizes, colors and with various accents, including lattice work.

Wood Grain

One complaint many have concerning vinyl fencing, no matter what the style, is that’s it’s too artificial, and clashes with their backyard’s natural beauty. This was my initial cause for pause as well, but that all changed once our wood grain privacy fence was installed. Our mocha walnut wood grain vinyl fence gives us that natural element, but without the wear, tear and frustration associated with a traditional wooden fence. Our friends own a nursery and they loved our mocha wood grain fence so much that they had it installed at their garden center!

Simulated Stone

If you like that natural element, but want something more modern and rugged, look no further than a simulated stone privacy fence. The look of this fencing lends very well to several different landscaping themes. From an austere and peaceful Zen garden to a backyard constructed for rowdy kids and family gatherings; you can never go wrong with a simulated stone wood fence. There’s one other added bonus to faux-stone vinyl fencing, the cost, which is far less than you’d spend paying a professional to design and construct a masonry fence brick, by brick, by brick.

Pool Fence

I don’t know about you, but in my humble opinion there’s nothing better than lounging in my in-ground pool, enjoying a good book and an even better cocktail once the kids are in school. Aside from adding major value to your property, in-ground pools just make your home seem that much more inviting, but there is one potentially disastrous flaw to this otherwise peaceful scenario. Every year, children are seriously injured when they stray into the family pool. Avoid this unnecessary disaster by installing a durable vinyl pool fence. Aside from adding a little decorative touch to your yard, the fence protects your rambunctious, curious little ones from accidentally falling into the water.

Horse and Ranch Fencing

If you’re in the market for a sturdy horse or ranch fence, consider purchasing vinyl over other traditional products.  Keeping your horses and cattle contained is a serious safety issue, which is why the durability of vinyl is an ideal material.  Choose from a variety of two, three and four-rail horse fencing options that fits your needs and budget. You’ll be amazed at how cost-effective vinyl horse fencing is, and breathe a sigh of relief when you awaken every morning to see your horses frolicking in the field, contained and unharmed.

If you’re still full of questions, which no doubt you are, don’t hesitate to contact the friend staff at A Vinyl Fence and Deck Wholesaler anytime, day or night. There’s always a courteous and knowledgeable associate waiting to give you the truth about vinyl fencing and that’s its more cost-effective than you probably think.

About the Author:  Janet LeMan is a guest blogger, and the proud owner of a vinyl privacy fence and pool fence. She never thought she’d become such a fence enthusiast, but now definitely is one.

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