What Is Virgin Vinyl Horse Fencing and Why You Should Use It on Your Ranch

A young horse runs next to a virgin vinyl fence
You go to great lengths to protect your horses. You know they’re safe when you’re not around because the vinyl fence you installed is keeping them safe from unforeseen dangers.

But is it the right type of vinyl?

Here’s why you should always choose virgin vinyl fencing to keep your horses safe.

What is Virgin Vinyl Fencing?

Virgin vinyl (first generation vinyl) is 100% pure vinyl. It is a synthetic man-made plastic made from ethylene and chlorine. This material is inexpensive to make which is why most vinyl products are more affordable than similar products made from different materials.

The two compounds come together to create something called ethylene dichloride, which is heated and turned into a gas called vinyl chloride monomer.

What makes this chloride compound special is its flame-retardant property. This characteristic is passed down from the beginning of the vinyl-making process and makes it hard for your vinyl fence to catch on fire.

The vinyl-making process is continued when the chloride monomer is processed through polymerization. This process turns vinyl chloride monomer to a Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) resin, which is pure vinyl — the second largest-selling plastic in the world.

Vinyl’s popularity is due to its versatility. It can be created into a hard, synthetic surface — like a fence — or it can be the base for latex and used for things like rubber for your boots or inflatables like the pool your kids used to swim in.

How Else Is Virgin Vinyl Used?

Virgin vinyl horse fencing is one of the end products of the vinyl manufacturing process. It’s also a great material for other styles of fencing and outdoor amenities:

Why Is Virgin Vinyl Better Than Recycled Vinyl?

According to the Vinyl Institute, 1 billion pounds of pre- and post-consumer vinyl is recycled every year. While this is fantastic news for the environment, you should avoid using recycled vinyl for your horse fence.

Recycled vinyl fences use materials from scraps of other vinyl products. When the vinyl is recycled, it is broken down into a resin again and formed into a new vinyl product.

The problem is some vinyl products that are recycled contain high levels of phthalates. This substance is used to make certain vinyl products like flooring or furniture fabric more flexible.

Nearly 100 percent of people have traces of phthalates in their body. It’s almost unavoidable in today’s society with the widespread use of plastic. Excessive amounts of phthalates can be dangerous for you and your horse’s health.

What makes virgin vinyl fencing different is that it is manufactured to be a fence, so there’s no need for excessive additives like phthalates to make it softer and more flexible.

With that said, you should always recycle your virgin vinyl horse fence. Just don’t buy it already recycled.
Horse looks over a mocha dark brown horse fence

Why Virgin Vinyl Horse Fencing Is Better for You and Your Horse

Besides the potential threat posed by recycled vinyl, there are other considerations for what makes virgin vinyl fencing better for your horse.

While phthalates make vinyl into an elastic substance, virgin vinyl fencing is flexible enough on its own to soften the blow should your horse run or fall into your fence. If the weight is too much to bear, the vinyl will break cleanly. That means no dangerous shards from the fence threatening to injure your horse.

Virgin vinyl also doesn’t warp. High winds, hot temperatures and other severe weather can affect brittle recycled vinyl. A recycled vinyl fence can also lose its clean white color and turn yellow at a faster rate.

When you finally do take your fence down for whatever reason, first generation vinyl can be recycled. It won’t come back as sturdy as it once was, but it won’t sit in a landfill for years or end up in the ocean.

If you’re looking for top-grade virgin vinyl fencing for your independent stable or commercial ranch, Vinyl Fence Wholesalers has numerous styles to fit whatever look you’re going for. Keep your horses safe, and save yourself more time with quality virgin vinyl fence material.