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  • Here Comes the Storm…

    Heavy-Duty Vinyl Fence and it’s Durability in Extreme Weather Conditions Every day I’m asked about how well vinyl fence holds up in extreme weather conditions.  This is a real concern for many individuals; even in the United States we have a variety of weather conditions that range from areas of extreme hot or cold as […]

  • How to Love the Deck You’re With

    I have spent more than 20 years working as a professional in home and landscape design. Add to this the summers I spent with my father “helping” to build features such as backyard decks and storage sheds, and you could say I have been in love with handcrafted things since I was a small boy. […]

  • Want to Turn Your Backyard Into a Retreat?

    In the two decades I have spent working as a fence and deck consultant, I continue to enjoy helping customers transform their lives by transforming their personal space. While they likely knew from the first phone call that making changes to their home and yard would result in increased personal satisfaction, I know from long […]

  • Building Our Dream Deck

    I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I want the things I have and buy to be of considerable value. In my household, we find out quickly whether or not something can pull its weight, since I have three boys running around, getting into scrapes, making a huge mess everywhere they go and being rough […]

  • Which Fence Style is Right For Me?

    Aside from keeping my five-year-old Rottweiler from attacking the neighbor’s cat, I also needed a fence that provided needed privacy, would withstand the elements and basically just added a little aesthetic pop to my backyard’s landscape. After much deliberation, and endless conversations with my husband, we both mutually agreed vinyl fencing was the right answer. […]

  • Common Vinyl Fence Questions…and Answers

    Vinyl, wood, wrought iron, composite, aluminum:  the choices for fencing are seemingly endless, and making a final decision often comes down to your budget, time constraints and personal style. You might be considering vinyl for all the right reasons, including the product’s durability, style choices and the fact your fence will never crack, chip or […]

  • A Deck for Every Season

    Designing a deck can be a very personal endeavor.  I have helped hundreds of residential customers bring their “dream decks” step-by-step into reality. I can also state with absolute confidence that there is something to be said for calling in the experts when you are working towards a deck design you will enjoy and be […]

  • High-Quality Vinyl Fencing:

    I have always loved fences. My grandfather, in true West Texas tradition, taught me to appreciate the art of fine craftsmanship and how to take pride in a job that was well done. I took that boyish appreciation for my grandfather’s teachings and have translated that into a lifelong career in the vinyl fencing industry. Today, […]